Where To Submit

October is a busy time of year for many literary journals, and The Kudzu Review isn’t the only one currently accepting submissions. 

If you don’t have much experience submitting your writing to publications, here are some things to remember. 

  1. Always check the journal’s guidelines. Who can submit? When? What lengths/genres/themes do they accept? Do they accept simultaneous submissions? Do they accept submissions through Submittable, Duotrope, email, snail mail, or other forms? Is there a submission fee and does the publication pay their contributors? Do they accept previously published works or only pieces that have never seen the light of day? The answers to these questions will help you discern if a magazine is the right fit for you. 
  1. Familiarize yourself with the content a journal publishes by reading previous issues or browsing the content they post online. This will give you an idea of the work they typically want to see. 
  1. There is a niche for every writer out there, and some publications can be very competitive. Don’t fear rejection and trust that somewhere will be the right place for your work! 

With that said, here is a list of some publications whose submissions periods are now open. 

Abandon Journal | Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Art, Hybrid | Ends November 30th 

Acentos Review | Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Translation, Art (Latinx writers only) | Ends November 1st 

Albion Review | Art, Poetry, Prose (Undergraduates only) | Ends October 31st 

Apalachee Review | Fiction, Poetry, Reviews | Rolling Submissions 

Barnstorm Journal | Art, Poetry, Prose | Rolling Submissions 

Bayou Magazine | Visual Art, Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction | Ends May 1st, 2023 

Beyond Thought| Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Art, Mixed Media (Theme: Familiar/Undiscovered) | Ends November 5th 

Blood Orange Review | Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry | Ends April 1st, 2023 

Carve | Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry | Year-Round 

Capsule Stories | Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction | Rolling submissions 

Collision Literary Magazine| Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Art (Undergraduates only) | Ends February 24th, 2023 

Consequence | Poetry, Prose, Art, Reviews | Ends October 15th 

Crab Creek Review | Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry | Ends November 15th 

Cream City Review | Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Art | Ends November 1st 

Equatorial Mag | Poetry (Undergraduate writers only) | Ends November 30th 

Fence | Poetry, Fiction, Hybrid, Translations | Ends October 19th 

Fictive Dream | Fiction | Year-Round 

Five South Journal| Poetry, Fiction | Ends October 31st 

Flash Frog | Fiction | Year-Round 

Foglifter Journal | Poetry, Prose, Hybrid (LGBTQ+ writers only) | Ends November 1st 

Fourth Genre | Nonfiction | Ends November 30th 

Fugue Journal | Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction | Ends November 2nd 

Gulf Stream Magazine | Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Art | Ends November 3rd 

Haven Speculative | Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction, Translations, Art 

Indiana Review | Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction, Translations, Art | Ends October 31st 

Jet Fuel Review | Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Art | Ends October 15th 

Lavender Lime Literary| Poetry, Art (Theme: Bone Dust/Horror) | Ends October 15th 

Literary Mama | Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction (Mothers only) | Year-round 

Maine Review | Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Hybrid, Translations | Ends November 30th 

Michigan Quarterly Review | Prose, Poetry, Translations | Ends November 1st 

Midnight & Indigo | Fiction, Nonfiction (Black women writers only) | Ends October 31st 

Moon City Review | Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction, Graphic Narrative, Translations 

MudRoom | Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction | Ends October 25th 

Musing Publications | Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Art (Theme: Winter Dreams) | Ends October 31st 

Ninth Letter | Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction 

Northwest Review | Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Art, Graphic Narratives, Translation 

Obsidian | Poetry, Fiction, Drama, Media (Black, African, African Diaspora writers) | Ends October 15th 

On-The-High Literary Journal| Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Art | Ends October 15th 

Outrageous Fortune | Visual Art, Film, Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction | Closes March 31st, 2023 

Pepper Coast Lit | Poetry, Fiction (African/POC/Diasporic Writers Only) 

Pleiades | Poetry | Ends October 31st 

Ploughshares | Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction | Ends January 15th 

Poetry Northwest | Poetry | Ends November 30th 

Poetry Online | Poetry | Year-Round 

Polaris | Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Art (Undergraduates only) | Ends February 1st, 2023 

Porter House Review | Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry 

Prairie Schooner| Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction | Ends May 2nd, 2023 

Prism Magazine | Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction | Year-round 

Psaltery & Lyre | Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Hybrid, Book Review 

Rattle | Poetry, Translations 

River Heron Review | Poetry | Ends November 30th 

Saranac Review | Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry | Ends October 15th 

Scapegoat Review | Poetry, Flash Fiction, Art 

South Dakota Review | Prose, Poetry | Ends April 30th 

Southern Indiana Review | Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Art/Photography | Ends December 15th 

Split Lip Mag | Memoir, Fiction, Poetry, Art, Reviews 

Story Magazine | Fiction | Ends December 15th 

Sundog | Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Art | Ends December 1st 

Swamp Pink | Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction | Ends January 1st 

Sycamore Review | Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Art, Translation | Ends March 31st 

Tahoma Literary Review | Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry | Ends October 15th 

The Adroit Journal | Poetry, Prose, Art, Reviews, Interviews | Ends October 31st 

The Broken Plate | Fiction, Nonfiction, Drama, Poetry, Comics, Art, Hybrid | Ends October 31st 

The Dawn Review| Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Art, Plays, Hybrid | Ends October 31st 

The Florida Review | Art, Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Film, Reviews, Interviews 

The Georgia Review | Fiction, Poetry, Essays, Book Reviews | Ends May 15th, 2023 

The Hudson Review | Fiction | Ends November 30th 

The Lickety Split| Poetry that can fit in a single tweet 

The Madrigal Press | Poetry | Ends October 22nd 

The Pinch | Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Art | Year-Round 

The Southern Review | Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Translation | Ends January 1st 

The Sun Magazine| Essays, Fiction, Poetry 

The Yale Review | Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Reviews, Translations | Ends October 11th 

Third Coast Magazine | Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Drama | Ends October 15th 

Thrush | Poetry | Rolling Submissions 

Tinderbox Poetry Journal | Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Hybrid | Rolling Submissions 

Tofu Ink Press | Poetry 

Tupelo Quarterly | Poetry, Prose, Translation | Ends October 15th 

Uncanny Magazine | Poetry, Fiction (Theme: Sci-fi, Fantasy) 

Under the Sun | Nonfiction | Ends January 2nd, 2023 

Vagabond City | Art, Creative Nonfiction, Fiction, Poetry, Interviews, Reviews | Year-Round 

Welter | Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction | Ends October 21st 

West Branch | Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Reviews | Ends April 1st, 2023 

Wild Thyme Literary | Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry (Writers under 19 only) | Ends October 20th 

Of course, The Kudzu Review is also currently accepting fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art submissions. Our deadline to submit is October 28th. Check out our submission guidelines, and good luck! 


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