10 Winter Writing Prompts to Spark Your Creativity

By Madison Maley

Looking for some inspiration during the chilliest time of year? The Kudzu staff has you covered! This list of 10 winter writing prompts will spark your imagination and get you thinking about some of your favorite holiday traditions. Whether you choose to write something snow-drenched and mysterious, or something that radiates “Christmas on the beach,” we hope these prompts help you start your next masterpiece!

10 Winter Writing Prompts

1. You wake up to the first snowless Christmas morning in years, but a peculiar present sits on your front porch: the government’s weather machine.

2. Your sibling brings someone home for the holidays. You’ve looked forward to spending quality time with family all year, but now things seem… off. Is it just you? Or is it this new visitor?

3. The holidays are a time for generosity. Write about an act of giving without expecting anything in return.

4. Describe your favorite cold-weather food. Now write a story from that food’s perspective.

5. Write about a town with cold weather, and colder people.

6. What if all the money in the world disappeared on December 1st?

7. “No, no. You had it right the first time. I’m Frosty, Frosty the Snowman. Nice to meet you.”

8. Write a story from inside a snowglobe.

9. You and your friends are making gingerbread people based off each other. When you break off your gingerbread friends arm to snack on, your human friend starts screaming and cursing and clutching his own arm.

10. Write an alternate ending to your favorite holiday folktale. 

Madison Maley is an undergrad at Florida State University and Managing Editor of The Kudzu Review. In her free time, she might be writing. She might be reading. But she definitely isn’t doing homework.

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