Issue No. 65

The Kudzu Review is proud to present our latest edition for Fall 2020, Issue No. 65. While we couldn’t host our traditional reading like in years past, we hope you will join us in celebrating and reading online! This semester, we are proud to be able to share both our magazine which can be found on Issuu, as well as this digital library for reading and exploring the pieces of our latest issue. From all of us here at The Kudzu Review, thank you so much for your support. Happy reading!

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Darling / Kelly Malandra


do cowboys know how swim? / Connor Devore

I had the radio on / Sophie Casarico

The sun aches / Ana Daragjati

Apex / Kevin Pataroque

Nighttime Pills / Ellie Van Pelt

Everlasting Influencers / Sophie Casarico

East of Eden, West of Nod / Catherine Cosgrove

Gabriel’s Sonnet in the Backseat of a Hearse / Catherine Cosgrove

Stillborn, October 2017 / Lauren Thornberg

Summer Spoil / Catherine Cosgrove

Visual Art

Tower of Tectonics / Karina Deschamps

Work One / Joey Phelps

Bubble Bath / Kiera Garvin

Divided Landscape / Lili Freedlander

Toaster House / Karina Deschamps

Tourist / Joey Phelps

Striped Skies / Lili Freedlander

Day at a Museum / Karina Deschamps

Over the Top / Lili Freedlander


Phoenix from the Flames / Noelle Knowlton

Ishpeming / Rachel Biangel