Issue No. 64

The Kudzu Review is proud to present our latest edition, Issue No. 64. While we couldn’t host our traditional reading, we hope you will join us in celebrating online. Our issue can be found on Issuu.

Even though we couldn’t hold our live reading, we still wanted to celebrate our contributors in a unique way. To learn more about the pieces we published, check out what their creators have to say below!

The Cover:

Karina Deschamps (University of South Florida) on “Evening Glow:”

This model was created digitally through a mixture of techniques in AutoCAD, Rhino-3D, VRAY, and Photoshop. Forms and spaces within this model where influenced by a portion of the city of Rome. line-work from streets, sidewalks, buildings, and trees generated a matrix that informed the extraction and interaction of planes and masses. This particular edit is an objective view set in the evening.


Shea McCollum (Pepperdine University) on “The Accident:”

I heard this story about a family friend whose son was stabbed after he broke his nose and was mistaken for someone else around the sound time that the Ukrainian airlines story was on the news. The two different stories became one in my head, both these seemingly random accidents that are actually the result of a long-building sense of paranoia and anxiety. It was such a meaningful realization to me and I wasn’t sure how else to express it than to write this story.

Visual Arts:

William Leech (Florida State University) on “Basal:”

‘Basal’ is a mezzotint print on paper. It’s part of an ongoing body of work in which I explore my relationship with mental illness, especially anxiety; in this piece I’ve chosen to depict this relationship as a parasitic one, represented by this demented organism floating somewhere dark and eerie.

Kiera Garvin (Florida State University) on “Buried in the Pumpkin Patch:”

[This was created with] pen and ink on [an] 11 x 17 Bristol.

Taylor Anderson (Florida State University) on “girl anachronism:”

[This is] a mix of physical images and digital elements that plays on the idea of anachronism.

Taylor Anderson (Florida State University) on “all cool:”

With my love of collage and knowledge of Photoshop, I created a multi-media collage that mixes both physical images and digital elements into one piece. I used newspaper clippings, textured paper, felt, and a polaroid photo assembled together as the template then went into Photoshop to add the two figures.

Taylor Anderson (Florida State University) on “love glove:”

I’ve always loved making collages and that love continues to stem into my art-making now. I used cut-out images from magazines and pages torn from a novel as the base for the piece and went over them with oil pastels.

Karina Deschamps (University of South Florida) on “Inhabitable Wall:” 

This piece was created as a campus intervention. This inhabitable wall generates an interesting concept where a wall brings people together, rather than keeping them apart. Materials include basswood sticks, museum board, plexi-glass, matte finish spray, and oak wood.

Karina Deschamps (University of South Florida) on “Live In the Dream:”

This piece is a model of my conceptual dream house. Situated by a waterfall, the core of the house contains a glass floor and wall that allows water from the waterfall to cascade beautifully into the structure. There is a strong connection between the environment and this conceptual dream house. Materials include Brazilian cherry wood, plexi-glass, basswood sticks, museum board, and matte finish spray.


Miles Cox (Florida State University) on “The Arc of My Life is One Flatline Away from God’s Arithmetic:”

The piece is a three-part series of events in my life regarding substance dependency and abuse; framed by a dream, a memory, and the reality of waking up alive against all odds — as well as the oddity of all three events and the blurring of reality.

No Quote Available:

Dariela Delgado (Florida State University) is the author of “I Had a Dream My House was Bombed in Thailand” and “Grapefruit.”

Beza Alford (Florida State University) is the author of “Spit Buckets and Blueberry Pie,” “My Mother’s Fingers,” and “Swiss Cheese.”

Carolina Lawson (Florida State University) is the author of “The Sundial.”

Parker Logan (Florida State University) is the author of “An Apology for Peaking in Seventh Grade.”

Bella Hough (Florida State University) is the author of “The Nature of Anxiety.”

Maria Hiers (Florida State University) is the author of “For 2014 Bella.”


Kassandra Curiel on “Pink House, Open Door:”

[This was a] personal Essay written in the Fall of 2019.

No Quote Available:

Kelly Malandra (Florida State University) is the author of “Flipturn: Florida’s Favorite Small Town Band.”